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with Stefan Ewing


"I love training with Stefan! We have been training together for almost a year now. I completely trust his expertise and knowledge. He is very flexible and will work around what you want to get out of your training, as well as when and where you'd like to train. He also makes it a fun experience and is overall fun to hang out with!"
-Marisa A.

"I've only had 3 training sessions with Stefan thus far. I've trained at another gym for three years in the past, but Stefan has taught me things in just 3 sessions that I wish I had learned in those three years. I really recommend this teacher!"

"So good! With an urge to get some one on one training, a cardio workout, and be held accountable, I looked up local North Park fitness classes and Direct Connections came up. After a quick friendly call with Stefan, we met up within a few days at a nearby park for our first session. I had a blast. His teaching style is simple and easy to understand and he is very patient. After telling him what I was looking for, he changed up the routine a bit to accommodate a higher cardio session for me. Rope drills, squats, and burpees to start elevated my heart rate throughout the entire session. Followed by new moves (punches, kicks, blocks, etc.) each week. My favorite are the combos."
-Lauren P

"Having trained with Stefan over the last two years, I have found him to be an excellent martial arts practitioner and wonderful teacher. His emphasis on correct technique and ability to adapt lessons to the needs of the student make training with him both rigorous and enlightening. With Stefan you quickly learn what techniques you need to improve and how to improve them to be a more effective fighter."
-Dr. Aliana Britson, Black Belt

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